Who We Are

Located in the Perimeter business district north of Atlanta, GA, Schroeder Architects is a dba of David Schroeder & Associates, Inc. a Georgia registered S corporation, originally incorporated in 1998.


Schroeder Architects, a dba of David Schroeder & Associates, Inc. was initially founded by David Schroeder in 1998. Shortly thereafter the firm became Dougherty Schroeder & Associates, Inc. then quickly grew into a firm of 50 individuals to become a nationwide leader in retail/mixed use master planning, design & development support services. Following the sale of Dougherty Schroeder & Associates, Inc. in 2006, David Schroeder & Associates, Inc. was re-incorporated and eventually became Schroeder Architects.

For the past seventeen years, the principals and project management team of Schroeder Architects have focused on assisting development teams and retail/restaurant chains in achieving their development and expansion goals. With project experience ranging from the design and renovation of new & existing facilities to the master planning and design of large mixed use developments, we have developed an expertise in maintaining our client’s goals of finely executed architectural expression and sensitive land design.

Since founding Schroeder Architects, the firm has been expanding the firm’s presence as a full service architectural firm capable of addressing our client’s projects, regardless of size or scope, to provide the desired design solution. We have designed over 500 projects including ground-up design & construction projects encompassing up to 10 million square feet of buildable area. Also master planning projects, and interior renovation & tenant build-out projects for private, public and governmental clients.

The employees of Schroeder Architects average over 8 years of experience with the firm and its predecessor, and each brings with them deep experience and expertise in a widely varied genre of projects. Some have worked internationally and most have worked in multiple states. Some are seasoned master planners, some are excellent architectural designers, some have sustainable design experience, some have interior design experience, some have governmental and military design experience, and all of us communicate and work as a team for the benefit of each project.


By embracing a creative design process, and facilitating strong and meaningful team relationships, we have been able to assist our clients in creating places and spaces that are more relevant to our clients’ needs and more aware of the social and environmental issues surrounding them. We believe in creating value for our clients through creative design solutions and an attentiveness to our clients’ business models.



Schroeder Architects brings a thorough understanding of both the technical and artistic aspects of project development and delivery. We believe that no project can be executed to its maximum potential without listening to all parties and team members, and communicating continuously throughout the process. Because of this, Schroeder Architects has an excellent track record of outstanding service tailored to each client’s individual needs and desires. The customer is our focus and our goal is quality and economy. Schroeder Architects has a proven ability to work within budgets to achieve remarkable levels of quality while maintaining a watchful eye on budget.